Mrs. Gehan Farouk

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I am a very enthusiastic individual who enjoys working, used to long hours and meeting deadlines, as well as being a fast learner, I like to keep up to date with new technology. My interests stretch to being extremely confident in statistical model building such as econometric analysis (static & dynamic models), economic indices (non-stochastic and stochastic), modern & classical time series analysis, experimental design, sampling, regression analysis, and political economic. In addition, I have professional experience in complex column-row analysis for huge statistical databases, e.g. DHS and any household surveys. Moreover, I considered professional in field surveys and public opinion pools management, with full-related procedures from sample design to final analytical reports.


اية في رايك أهم أولويلت الحكومة في 2019؟ اذكر قضية واحدة

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