Alia El-Mahdi , Ph.D.

  • Position: Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Economics
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Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. Founding partner and executive director of the Egyppls company, she worked intensively in the management of economic surveys and explored the diverse public opinion of national and international bodies in economic fields such as labor market, education, foreign direct investment, and economic, social and political opinion polls. Dr. Al-Mahdi is the former Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (2008-2011) The former director of the Center for Research and Economic and Financial Studies (2005-2008) and Vice President of the University of Egypt for Modern Sciences and Literature. Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago (2012) and the University of Manchester (1995, 1996). Member (2007-2012) and then Chairman of the Committee on Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Academy of Scientific Research (2013-2014). Policy Advisor, Economic Research Forum (Regional Forum). Areas of specialization and research include: macroeconomics, industrial economics, labor market studies, especially informal, small and micro-enterprise dynamics, macroeconomic policies (finance, monetary and trade), sectoral policies in education, industry and social solidarity. Dr. Alia Al-Mahdi participated in the preparation or review of a number of laws, the most important of which is the Labor Law 2003, the Micro and Small Enterprises Law 2004 and the Social Insurance Act 2010. Economic policy consultations for international organizations such as UNIDO, ILO, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank, African Development Bank, Brookings Institution, ESCWA, JICA, Arab Women's Organization, World Food Program, Social Fund for Development Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Ebert, German Aid, etc


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